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Take control of your email signatures in Microsoft Exchange with the WiseStamp signature manager. Use this powerful tool to easily manage Microsoft Exchange signatures for all users.

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No matter which Microsoft technology you use (on-premises Exchange, hybrid Exchange, Exchange Online, etc.), with WiseStamp you can easily design and manage your email signatures in Exchange with minimum IT involvement.

  • One time set up – no maintenance after initial installation
  • On-premises Exchange solution
  • Easy migration to Microsoft 365
  • Full control over user management
  • Complete ownership over email data
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MS Exchange signature deployment

We offer a comprehensive solution for Exchange email signature deployment. Our email signature manager utilizes the Exchange transport rule, installed on your Exchange server, which acts as a “gateway” to the Wisestamp service. This allows signatures to be imprinted on your email, ensuring 100% email signature conformity across all devices.

WiseStamp Email signature manager for Exchange can be configured in three ways:

Server-side solution (All devices+email platforms)

  • One-time setup (signature will update automatically on all devices/platforms)
  • System administrators have full control over all employees email signatures
  • Multiple signatures per inbox
  • Full coverage on all devices
  • no character limit

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Client Side

One-time setup
Automated signature for all devices & platforms
Full coverage (all devices including mobile & CRM)
Rules based signatures
Visibility in devices (see before you send)
No character limit

Data storage and security

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Data center technology

WiseStamp relies on the latest data center technology to ensure security and stability, with advanced encryption protocols, state-of-the-art infrastructure and continuous monitoring.

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Integration & setup assitance

Our team is available to provide assistance with setting up your exchange signature account, as well as integrating your systems with WiseStamp.


No email hosting

Unlike other solutions in the market, we can embed the signature without using third-party servers. You permit us to inject your signature but maintain full ownership over your email data.

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GDPR compliant

We acknowledge the importance of safeguarding your organization’s email traffic data, and we share your concerns regarding its security. Therefore, we are implementing all the essential measures to ensure that your data remains safe and protected against any potential compromise.

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What is email signature management

Email signature management refers to the process of creating, designing, and controlling email signatures for an organization’s employees. It involves standardizing email signatures to ensure consistency and professionalism across all employees and devices, as well as managing changes, updates, and additions to email signatures.

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What is an Exchange signature manager?

An Exchange signature manager is a tool that allows for centralized management of email signatures and disclaimers for all users across all devices, regardless of the Microsoft technology being used.

What solution does WiseStamp offer for Exchange signature management?

WiseStamp offers an Exchange signature manager that is one of the few on-premises Exchange signature management solutions that can be migrated to Office 365. It provides server-side, client-side, and combined configuration options to ensure email signature conformity across all devices.

How do I add a signature in Exchange without a signature manager?

To add a signature in Exchange without a signature manager you can create a Transport Rule in the Exchange admin center. This rule can add a standard signature to all outgoing messages sent by your organization.

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How can email signatures be managed in Microsoft 365?

Email signatures, disclaimers, and disclosure statements can be created and managed in Microsoft 365 using the built-in signature editor. Users can set up the signatures to apply to all incoming and outgoing messages or to certain messages containing specific words or text patterns.

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How does WiseStamp process organization Emails in Exchange?

With WiseStamp’s server-side solution for Exchange, your organization emails are processed seamlessly to embed the signature before they get sent out. We only add the signature to the email and do not retain, access or modify any of its content.

How do statistics and domain management Work in Exchange?

As a provider of Exchange signature management services, we understand the importance of keeping track of account requests and embedded signatures. By maintaining detailed statistics, we’re able to continually improve our service.

Is WiseStamp’s secure?

WiseStamp’s server-side solution offers a secure and streamlined method for Exchange signature management, ensuring that email systems remain safe.

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