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email signature manager for the finance industry

Maintain professional image

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Secure email signature solution

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Why have a unified corporate email signature

Whether you’re a bank, an insurance company, or any other type of financial institution, your clients and partners’ confidence in your business is the cornerstone of your success. In order to maintain a consistent appearance, build trust, and effectively communicate your marketing messages, your organization’s email signatures must be aligned.

Build trust with every email

Clients entrust their hard-earned money, financial assets, and sensitive information to your organization, and expect it all to be managed by the most capable and reliable hands. For this reason, it is crucial that your email signature templates project a consistent, professional image across all email communications.

Seize every opportunity to promote your services 

Leverage your email signatures as a powerful marketing channel. Use scheduled banner campaigns to promote savings accounts, credit loans, financial advisory services, or market insights in every email sent, and then track your signatures’ performance to gain valuable insights and improve your communication strategy.

Compliance made simple

Regulatory compliance is not an option. Ensure that your emails meet all requirements by adding the mandatory disclaimers, certifications, and contact information in an automated manner to every email signature, prevent unauthorized changes, and reduce the risk of potential legal consequences.

email signature for finance industry

A complete signature management solution

Control all signatures from one dashboard

Seamless and efficient signature management every step of the way.

Dedicated customer success

Expect the same level of service you’re used to in your industry.

Automated signature deployment & update

Save time from tedious tasks to invest in growing your business.

Effortless employee onboarding

As your organization grows, WiseStamp remains simple to use.

email security

Invested in your email security

WiseStamp takes email security seriously. Our software operates with certified protection mechanisms and is hosted with top cloud infrastructure providers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We ensure the safety of your client interactions using in-transit encryption, we implement advanced processes to maintain consistent development practices and prevent potential attacks using network-level firewalling and spam detection, among others.

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