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email signature solution for the education industry


Department-based access
Engagement with students
Sports team promotion

A simple management dashboard that requires no coding skills or IT maintenance, plus plenty of ways to promote programs and engage with students, parents, or alumni, makes WiseStamp the ideal email signature management solution for schools and universities.

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Inexpensive marketing channel
Reduces IT workload
Boosts Employer branding

By offering a highly automated email signature management solution, WiseStamp provides SaaS companies with a cost-effective marketing channel, built for creating consistent branding, increasing engagement, and driving sales and conversion using banner campaigns.

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email signature MANAGEMENT solution for SAAS industry
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email signature manager solutions for real estate industry

Real estate

Control your brand
Promote listings
Build trust

WiseStamp enables your real estate agency to control its branding across all email communications by easily managing every agent’s email signature under a unified dashboard. In this way, it helps you get more leads, schedule more meetings, and land more deals.

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Connect with patients
Schedule appointments easily
Manage Disclaimers

WiseStamp makes email signatures a vital tool for hospitals or clinics to engage, inform and establish strong connections with patients in every email interaction. All while ensuring compliance and transparency by centrally managing all email disclaimers.

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healthcare industry email signatures

signature software for finance industry


Secure email signature solution
Maintains professional image
Ensures email compliance

With WiseStamp, banks and financial institutions can project a consistently professional image across all email interactions and increase client confidence in their brand using a highly protected, easy-to-use signature management solution.

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Generate more donations
Manage awareness campaigns
Promote volunteering opportunities

WiseStamp enables NGOs, charities, foundations, advocacy groups, and other nonprofits to make a real impact with their organization’s email signatures, by adding banners, call-to-action buttons, videos, and more, and managing it all on an easy-to-use, central dashboard.

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nonprofit email sgnatures

Business Services

Maintain professional image
Schedule meetings directly
Ensure email compliance

For consulting services, accounting firms, HR agencies, IT companies, and other Business Services providers, a consistently professional email signature is essential in order to leave a strong impression on clients, ensure compliance, and regularly promote their services.

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Trusted by 80,000+ customers worldwide

Construction & Architecture

Announce job opportunities
Promote projects
Build a cohesive team

WiseStamp provides construction & architecture companies with an essential tool for building their reputation in every email. By taking control of email signatures from one unified dashboard, they can guarantee compliance, easily hire workers and keep all employees connected.

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Law Firms

SecManage email disclaimers
Showcase credentials and awards
Schedule meetings directly

For legal service providers emails are the main channel of client communication, making it a strategic spot for conveying the firm’s message. A consistently professional signature leaves a strong impression, ensures legal protection, showcases achievements, and promotes the firm’s services in every email.

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Align your branding
Showcase your work
Create new revenue stream

WiseStamp empowers your marketing agency to maintain consistent branding across all email interactions by simplifying the management of each team member’s email signature through a centralized dashboard. This tool aids in generating more leads, organizing more meetings, and securing more contracts in the marketing sector.

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