WiseStamp Plans and Pricing

Effortlessly create and manage your team’s email signatures.

Best Value


$ 1.5 seat /
Total $225 / month
Billed annually

Create professional and consistent signatures for your organization.

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  • Centrally managed
    Manage email signatures for every employee from a central dashboard.
  • Unlimited designs
    Create as many signature designs as you want.
  • Compatible with all devices
    Your employees can use their signature consistently, whether sent from a mobile device or desktop.
  • Department signatures
    Assign and easily control unique signatures for different departments and groups of employees.
  • Works with all email clients
    Your employees can use their signature consistently across all email apps and clients.
  • Flexible deployment
    We offer a variety of deployment methods that allow you to flexibly, consistently and securely generate email signatures for your employees.
  • Legal disclaimers
    Stay compliant with various international legal regulations and directives.
Best Value


$ 1.8 seat /
Total $270 / month
Billed annually

Get advanced features & analytics for your signatures.

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    All the benefits of Basic and:
  • Signature analytics
    Measure your signature's visibility and impact.
  • Multiple domains
    Handle multiple brands or organizations under a single account effortlessly.
  • Campaigns
    Automate and schedule your promotional banners and other interactive elements to showcase events, products, and more.
  • Shared inbox
    When an inbox is shared by multiple employees, like a support email, the employee sending the email from the shared inbox can select their own signature. Works when using Microsoft client.
  • Custom directory sync
    Choose which data to sync from your employee directory
  • Employee lifecycle automation
    When new employees are added to your directory, they can automatically be assigned signatures.
  • Details editable by employee
    Choose which details can be editable by employees.
Best Value


Securely manage your signatures at the highest scale.

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    All the benefits of Plus and:
  • SAML single sign in
    Manage employee access at scale with secured single sign in.
  • SCIM like Okta
    Automatically provision users in and out of your account with identity providers like Okta.
  • External access control
    An organization is able to restrict access to their account by WiseStamp employees. For example some orgs want that only specific US based people will access their account back office/admin in case they need support or anything else.
  • Audit log
    An org can ask us for log events in a specific timeframe or product area. This is not available for users, they need to ask us and we extract it from the code.
  • Dedicated CSM
    For account with at least 200 seats

For individuals

Turn your emails into powerful marketing tools with a professionally designed email signature.

Solo Free

Get started
$ 0

Create a free signature for yourself in just a few clicks.

  • One free email signature
  • Basic layouts
  • Basic design customization
  • WiseStamp branding on signature

Solo Pro

Get started
$ 5.8
per month billed annually

Create a stunning and professional email signature with Solo Pro.

  • Premium Templates
  • Advanced style & design
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Remove WiseStamp branding
  • Add animations and effects
  • Export to iPhone, Outlook, and more

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14 Day money back guarantee

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