Email signature management solution for Real Estate Agencies

Get more leads and close more deals with a branded email signature for all your agents.

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Control your agents’ signatures

Keep your brand consistent

Schedule meetings directly

Promote your listings

Trusted by leading real estate agencies worldwide

Control your branding across all email signatures

Your emails are your most powerful marketing channel. Agents send thousands of emails to interact with clients daily. Increase brand recognition by putting your logo front and center to help clients recognize your brand alongside the agent.

Your new, targeted sales channel

Add a banner or an image gallery to showcase your listings at the bottom of every agent’s signature to grab prospects’ attention. Localize your signatures using different banners for each of your offices. 

Keep your prospects engaged

Showcase upcoming open houses to increase attendance, promote virtual tours and video walkthroughs, and add an online scheduler to every agent’s email signature to allow prospects to book meetings in one click.  

Build you prospects’ trust

Showcase agent certifications
Post testimonials & reviews
Offer free market report
Add legal disclaimers

It’s easy to get started in 4 simple steps

Easy onboarding makes for high adoption

To make the most of your consistent branding you need to have every agent on board. Research shows that manual email signature management methods achieve only 40% employee adoption rate. Luckily, WiseStamp’s one-click implementation requires no training or hassle, so you can expect all agents to happily join.

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