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Add a signature in Apple Mac Mail

  • Follow this step by step 1 minute guide to manually add a signature in Apple Mail
  • Or create a customized HTML Mac Mail email signature with our email signature maker
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Add a signature in Mac Mail

Short answer

How to add a signature in Mac Mail?

  1. In your Mac Mail app, select “Mail” in the top ribbon > Click “Preferences“.
  2. Choose “Signatures”.
  3. Choose the specific email account where you want to create your signature.
  4. Click the “Plus” (+) button to create a new signature > Give your signature a name.
  5. Edit your Apple Mail signature to your heart’s delight

See detailed guide | Generate signature

Make it yours
MacMail email signature example with added image and links

Professional Mac Mail signature | Made with WiseStamp

How to create a working HTML Apple Mail signature​

Making a working HTML signature for your Mac Mail is not as simple as one may think.

Even if you have a good eye for design and good knowledge of code (which most of us don’t) you’ll still have to build HTML that’s responsive for all the different devices and screen sizes out there, in order to make sure your signature doesn’t break.

Professional Mac Mail example

web designer email signature with YouTube button

Broken HTML signature example

broken email signature example

2 Ways to create your Mac Mail HTML signature:

  1. By creating your own code
  2. by letting Wisestamp make the code for you and install it for you in your email

If you want to enjoy a responsive HTML email signature without an email signature generator you’ll have to work hard. But what can I say, hard work is its own reward. For the easy way – try WiseStamp.

How to add a signature in Mac Mail: your step by step guide


Open the Mac Mail signature editor

how to add a Mac Mail signature - step 1

Open your Mac Mail app > Click on Mail drop down from the top ribbon > Select “Preferences


Create a new signature

how to add a Mac Mail signature - step 2

Choose the “Signatures” tab, then click the [+] plus button to add a new signature, or select a signature you’ve already created to edit it.


Add an a hyperlink

how to add a Mac Mail signature - step 3 - Add hyperlinks

Highlight the signature text you want to hyperlink > Go to the menu ribbon and select “Edit” > then “Add Link”, or use the keyboard shortcut Command + K (⌘+K).

See in depth guide for adding images & hyperlinks to Apple Mail >.


Add hyperlink URL address

how to add a Mac Mail signature - step 4 - Add hyperlinks URL

Enter the complete page address (URL) in the field provided (including http://)  > click “Ok”.


Add clickable banner

Add a hyperlink image to Mac Mail signature

Copy your email banner from your computer or from the web and paste it into your signature. Be sure to click your cursor in the place within the signature where you want the banner to be placed.

Click the image and type Command + K (⌘+K) on your keyboard to add a hyperlink to that image and make it clickable.


Assign signature to email account

add signature in mac mail - step 5 - assign signature to email account

To assign your new Apple Mail signature to a specific email account (e.g. Gmail), simply drag that signature and drop it on the email account to which you’d like to assign it (in the left column).


Set signature for Reply/Forward messages

add signature in mac mail - step 6 - set default signature

If you would like your signature to also appear for messages that are Replies or Forwards, untick the “Place signature above-quoted text” box.

Be sure to save your work when you are finished.

How to make a professional Mac Mail signature

The average worker gets over 120 emails per day. Yet email marketing is still one of the most underused marketing tools out there. That’s a shame since our internal research shows that having a (professional) signature boosts email reply rates and engagement by more than 20%.

Creating a professional great looking signature for Mac Mail is fairly straightforward. Let’s see what you have to do to get a good-looking result, and earn that boost to your engagement.

What a professional Apple Mail signature should include:

  • Our name and job title
  • Your business name and logo
  • A high-quality photo of you
  • Your brand colors
  • Social media icons
  • Some business offer with a call to action (button, banner, video, link)

Read more about how to make awesome email signature calls to action >

How to encourage more downstream engagement with social media links

Connect your social media channels within your email signature using icons, buttons, or simple links. Use clear calls to action like “Connect with me on LinkedIn” or “Follow me on Instagram”, to really get people to click. Link only to your active social media, where you actually intend to engage with your prospects. 

Connecting your social media in your email signature is a quick and convenient way to grow your following, influence, and brand recognition. Creating a Mac Mail signature with social media is super easy with WiseStamp, and it looks great (check out the example below).

What not to do in you Mac Mail signature

When trying to create the perfect Mac signature there’s sometimes a tendency to go overboard with design and features. Try to resist this urge if you encounter and you’ll end up with a cleaner, better looking, more effective email signature.

Look out for these 3 common mistakes:

1) Don’t use too many colors

Adding color to your email signature is a great idea. But adding too many colors? That’s a bad idea. A signature in an email should reflect your logo’s colors. If you don’t have one, go with the rule of thumb – 2 colors maximum – one main, one secondary.

2) Don’t overload your signature with calls to action

It’s smart to add buttons like “Follow us on Facebook,” that prompt your email recipients to take action. However, do not add more than 2  calls-to-action within your signature, it will overload and confuse your readers. 

When you want people to take action, less is more. You want to direct your email readers to the most valuable actions (you shouldn’t have more than 1 or 2 of those). So, decide whether it’s a link to “Join our newsletter,” “Follow us on Facebook,” or “Shop our sale”, to give just a few examples.

3) Don’t use illegible fonts or too many font types

Some fonts are hard to read, such as cursive or decorated fonts. Using these will make people not wish to read your signature text and could possibly irritate most who see it. Keep to using clear fonts a 10-year-old could easily understand.

Some fonts are not compatible with most browsers and email apps. Have you ever received an email with a bunch of strange characters in gibberish? That’s likely because the sender of the email did not use a web-safe font. A web-safe font is one that will consistently work across all devices and platforms (Apple, PC, iOS, Droid, etc).

We recommend choosing one of the following web-safe fonts: 

  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Verdana

Another issue is using too many fonts.  Don’t mix font types, even if each of them is web-safe. It’s distracting and looks less professional. 1 signature 1 font – that’s your motto.

Make it yours
singer email signature template for mac mail with event detail banner

Professional Apple Mail signature | Made with WiseStamp

Generate a professional signature with WiseStamp’s Mac Mail Signature Generator

  1. Go to WiseStamp’s email signature maker.
  2. Add your professional details.
  3. Go to the Templates tab > Choose a designed template.
  4. Go to the Social tab > add social media icons and links.
  5. Go to the Design tab > refine the design for your signature dividers, icons, and photo.
  6. Go to the Add-ons tab > add buttons, banners, legal disclaimer, Instagram gallery, and more useful features. You can add an image or a logo and a lot more.
  7. Click “OK I’m done”, and you’re set.
WiseStamp online email signature creator

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