What is a signature maker?​

A signature maker, or signature generator, is an online tool that converts your handwritten signature or typed signature to image format. You can then download and use your digital signature for signing documents like PDF and Doc, or add it to your email signature.

Add a handwritten or typed signature to your email with our online signature maker

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How to use this free handwritten signature generator?

Use your mouse, mouse pad, digital pen, or touch screen to sign your name. Try to create a bigger signature than you normally would. It will make the digital version of your signature cleaner and clearer. You’ll be able to resize the digital signature to any desired size to fit formal documents, emails, articles, etc.

How to add my signature to documents like Word and PDF?

To add your hand signature to any document simply create it using our hand signature maker and download the signature image to your computer. Open the document you want to add your hand signature to and upload the image from your computer and position it in the appropriate place.

How should my email signature sign-off look like?

The way that you choose to end your email may depend on what you’re comfortable with and what your relationship is with the person you are addressing. Read here about how to choose the right email sign-off to end your emails.

How to add a handwritten signature to my email?

To add a handwritten signature sign-off to your email footer, simply use Wisestamp’s email signature maker cursive sign-off add-on to add a stylish handwritten GIF to end every email with and make an impression.

Adding a beautiful hand signature to your email footer will give it an authentic and personal feel. You can easily connect your Wisestamp signature to your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, MacMail, and other email platforms with just one click.

How to create a handwritten signature?

There are 3 main ways to create a hand handwritten signature for digital use. The first and most simple is using Wisestamp’s hand signature creator.

The second and most high-quality way would be to use a digital pen to create a signature in Photoshop or Illustrator.

The third and least effective way is to write your signature on paper then scan that paper and crop the signature image.

How to sign my name?

Your signature does not need to be legible it just needs to be unique. Your signature can be your name or a squiggle but it should be something you’re comfortable writing many times over in the same way.

If you have a signature you’re comfortable with, use the hand signature generator on this page to create a signature of your name that you can later use for digital documents.

Do signatures have to be in cursive?

Signatures don’t have to be cursive, but they have to be written by hand. The point of a signature is to create a discernibly unique pattern that can be authenticated as made by you, and you alone. It’s true that it is harder to counterfeit cursive rather than print writing, so take this into consideration.

How to make my signature powerful?

A powerful email signature is one that immediately seems confident and easy flowing. To achieve a powerful signature you’ll have to find the style you feel reflects you and then practice writing it over and over till it looks the way you had envisioned it.

A good way to find your style is to look up a famous person you look up to and see if you can emulate their style till you find the balance between their signature style and your own.

How to improve my signature?

To improve your signature you need to understand what you want to improve it for. If you want it to look cleaner, try styling is based on calligraphy styles you like.

If you want your signature to be more legible, simply write slower and bigger, and if you want your signature to look more stylish add some squiggles and use longer strokes. But in practicality, every signature is perfect and needs no improvements. It just needs to be yours.

What is the best e-signature creator?

The best signature creator depends on your need and how you intend to use your signature.

  • The best free option for download and use in digital documents is the WiseStamp signature maker – it’s intuitive, easy to use and free as a bird.
  • The best option for secure daily signatures like doctor signatures would be a software like HelloSign, Adobe Sign or SignEasy, but these options aren’t free – See full list in Capterra >

What does my signature say about me?

can vary widely in style and content, so it’s not always possible to make definitive judgments about a person’s character based solely on their signature. However, it is a form of statement and some general observations can be made about you based on your signature, such as:

  • Legibility: If your signature is neat and legible, it may suggest that you are a conscientious and detail-oriented person.
  • Consistency: your signature is consistent over time, it may suggest that you are reliable and consistent in other areas of your life.

What is a signature block?

A signature block is a the text at the end of a business letter, email, or other documents that gives context to the signature and provides the contact information. It typically contains the sender’s name, title, company name, address, phone number, and email address.

What is the definition for “signature”?

A signature is a form of identification and authentication that involves writing one’s name or other symbol in a distinctive way. The word “signature” comes from the Latin word “signare,” meaning “to mark.” There are different types of signatures, including handwritten signatures, electronic signatures, and digital signatures. A signature can be defined in different ways depending on its context.