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Best CEO and executive email signature examples

  • Learn what makes a professional CEO email signature
  • See how to make yours CEO or executive signature in 2-5 minutes

Note: This guide is for C-level executives, presidents, VPs, and directors.

Personal email signature Company-wide signature
ceo email signature

Short answer

What does a CEO email signature include?

  1. Your basic personal information – including your name, your position, and contact details
  2. Your company’s basic information – full legal name and physical address
  3. Your company web assets – website, blog, landing page (all easily added through the Wisestamp editor)

How to create a professional CEO or managerial email signature

Make it yours
Vice president email signature example with brand logo and sales banner

Example of CEO email signature with CTA

As CEO, you represent your business’s professionalism and your own at all times. Consider extending this effort to your email signature.

If you lack the time to read this guide you can start right away. Order a cup of coffee and sit down to create your signature online using the Wisestamp Email Signature Editor. By the time you finish your coffee, you’ll have a new professional looking, effective email signature, fit for a CEO.

At WiseStamp, we see hundreds of thousands of email signatures (many of them are CEOs, VP’s, and managers). We’ve seen professional email signatures that really maximize that blank space at the bottom of an email. We’ve also seen email signatures that are somewhat less effective and we’ll share our insights with you.

The best CEO email signature will tick these 7 boxes:

  1. Make it easy for people to reach you – add a direct phone number to you or your PA
  2. Make it clear who you are – add your full name and a high-quality business oriented photo of you
  3. Make it clear what your job is – no vague job descriptions
  4. Make it clear where you work – add a company logo and add your company name
  5. Make it easy to learn more about you – add a social icon link to your Linkedin profile 
  6. Align your signature with your company branding (fonts and colors). You should also consider aligned branding across ALL employee emails. This shows you’re a well-organized company. You can set this up in seconds and centrally manage all your employees’ signatures with WiseStamp’s signature management software for teams.
  7. Make a clear business offer – add a call to action with an immediate benefit to your prospects (You can add buttons, banners and tags through the Wisestamp Email Signature Editor)

How to use CTAs in your CEO email signature

Let’s take a look at some examples, one good, one bad. A good call to action (CTA) has to stand out visually. So adding a banner or a button is always better than simple text. This is illustrated in the example below. 

There are many rules and best practices when it comes to selling hooks and CTAs. So much so that we took the time to cover this in a separate article – check it out here.

Bad social media icons email signature example - dont do

Bad example – too much noise

Good CEO email signature example - do

Good example – clear CTA

What you should never include in a CEO email signature

  1. Avoid too many links – too many links can make your signature look over-crowded, noisy and unprofessional. Your email signature reflects your company, so keep it streamlined.
  2. Refrain from adding quotes – Feel free to go creative with your signature, but it might be best to save anything too out-there for your personal emails. Your clients, prospects and colleagues may have very different ideas on whether the quote you use hits the mark or sounds lame. 
  3. Don’t upload an inappropriate photo – Make sure any photo you include lives up to your professional reputation. Keep it high quality and conservative with regards to your clothes and facial expression.

Generate a CEO or executive email signature in 5 min or less

Start off with Wisestamp’s free email signature maker, and gather some feedback. You can add features to incorporate marketing offers and promote your company with every email you send.

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