Email signature management solution for SaaS companies

Build your brand and increase conversion using a highly cost-effective marketing channel.

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Email signature SAAS companies

Significantly reduces IT workload

Consistent branding across all emails 

Campaign management & tracking

Fully-automated integration

Trusted by leading SaaS companies worldwide

High-visibility, low-cost marketing channel

Compared to other digital marketing channels, email signatures are by far the most cost-effective. Use your company-wide email signature to build consistent branding, increase engagement, and drive sales and conversion with banner campaigns.

Streamlined email signature management

You want your email signature solution to be as automated and efficient as any other software in your inventory. WiseStamp’s unified dashboard, fast onboarding, smart campaign management, and advanced tracking mean everything is right there at your fingertips.

Your new billboard

With so many things to announce on a regular basis, your easily-updated employees’ email signatures are the best spot.

Webinars & videos                          Events promotion
Disclaimers & green footers        eBooks & content  
Awards & Certification                  Calls-to-action

Minimize workload and maximize ROI

Add up all the IT, Design, and Marketing hours spent creating signatures, setting up new employees, chasing them to verify implementation, and handling signature-related tickets. Add to that the time it takes employees to apply their signatures and multiply it all by the number of updates and promotions your company does, and you’ve got an unnecessary resource-grab operation. Our hassle-free integration and automated updates will free up some valuable time for your employees, and we’re pretty sure they’ll do something productive with it.

Employer branding to the max

Email signatures are the perfect place for your HR department to build a positive company image and attract top talent. Announce company events, showcase job openings in department-specific signatures, and add a career page link directly in the signature.

Email signature software for SAAS companies

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Showcase your company values

Your company’s email signatures are prime real estate to communicate what your brand stands for. Add purpose-driven banners, links to social responsibility initiatives, or a tagline that showcases your commitment to a cause, and create a strong connection with your audience.

Manage your company’s email signatures today!

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