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Let’s go through professional examples, best practices and special features any respectable attorney or law firm should use.

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Short answer

What should a lawyer email signature include?

  • Professional details
  • A respectable image
  • Firm logo
  • Website link
  • Social media icons and links
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Call To Action (CTA)


Get inspired by beautiful email signature examples for lawyers

There’s no easier way, get started by viewing what other professionals have done before you. We’ve collected the best signature templates that specialize in law firms and lawyers for you to choose from. For more legal professionals templates check out our templates page.


Include the 7 key elements of an effective lawyer signature

What should a lawyer’s email signature include? Well, for a most effective signature, you should consider adding some or all of these elements to your footer block:

  1. Professional details
  2. A respectable image
  3. Firm logo
  4. Website link
  5. Social media icons and links
  6. Legal disclaimer
  7. Call To Action (CTA)

Your email signature is practically your electronic business card. Most of the people you’re in contact with (assuming you’re a heavy email user) will associate you with the details you provide in your signature. 

This is why you should get your email footer in your signature right. This is also a great opportunity to give people a snapshot of what you’re about and maybe even make them a small business offer. The above 7 elements will cover your basic details, give you a professional look and pull your correspondents in, to consider working with you.

Let’s go over these elements one by one and see why they’re valuable to your profession.


What professional details to add

It’s probably obvious that you should add your full name, law firm name, and business phone number. Beyond these details, we recommend adding only what it’s better to give minimal details that actually allow people to contact you effectively. No call centers, no generic contact forms, or info@companymail.com that don’t actually lead to you.

If you don’t want people to successfully contact you, why add contact info, to begin with? There’s no need to add your email address to your signature, there is a “reply” button in every mail client specifically in order to address this need.


Add an email disclaimer

This gives you the opportunity to protect yourself if by chance or misconduct one of your emails gets into the wrong hands or is used to do harm. We have so many lawyers using our signature generator that we added a disclaimer add-on you can simply drag and drop into your signature block. You are also welcome to see our tips page for email signature disclaimers.

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Standard lawyer email signature with disclaimer

Great use of a legal disclaimer


Add social media icons for extra impact

We are not talking about TickTalk, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, or any of the “fun” stuff. It’s better for most attorneys to stay in the formal and respectable bounds of professional communication.

But there are some impactful social media channels to use, such as Linkedin, Twitter Google maps, Facebook (if used correctly), and others. Including these in your signature can give your limited signature invaluable depth, and they could be used to keep your customers and partners engaged with you or your firm.

We go over this in length below when we talk about how to use social media links the right way.

Make it yours
senior lawyer email signature template with social media buttons and modern design

Good use of social media buttons


Add a Call to Action (CTA) to generate leads

Call to Action, usually referred to by its acronym CTA, basically means adding some kind of business offer that your correspondents can easily click on, in order to see your detailed offer. You can use a button, a banner, an icon or simply a link. 

Make it yours
criminal lawyer email signature example with call to action banner

Good use of call to action


If you have a landing page that’s driving business, you’d be wise to add it to your email signature. Many law firms make the mistake of adding their homepage to their firm signature footer.

It may be the most formal option to include but it wouldn’t serve your business goals (or your users’ goals, for that matter) as well as a dedicated and powerful landing page would. 


Add your firm logo to make it memorable

If you want your firm to be memorable you’d better give it a visual representation in the form of a logo. See, most people remember visuals better than texts (this is why you see icons everywhere from websites, phone apps, and computer programs).

Adding your law firm logo will ensure that it will be recognized and make it a lot more memorable to anyone that sees your outgoing mail.


Add a respectable image for personalization

Now let’s not forget about you… after all, you’re what the signature is all about. Like the logo, you too want to be recognizable and memorable, so add an image of your face, but make it respectable.

How? Easy. Make sure it’s high quality (consider having a professional take your picture), give the image a clean color background to make your face stand out, and make a (subtle) facial expression that you want people to associate with you as a professional.


Don’t include irrelevant or misleading information

An email signature is a tiny element. It’s a bit like a first impression, where you have a little moment to convey a lot of meaning.

I would imagine first impressions are especially important for attorneys, where a sense of confidence can be crucial for clients to decide to hire you. So use your limited allowance of space well. 

We talk in section 2 about what your signature should include, but to make the best use of your signature space you have to be very sharp on what NOT to include.

What not to include in your email signature:

  • Pictures from your mobile or a stock photo (photos from generic image websites) – people recognize a commercial photo when they see it. Such a picture will create a bad impression, it will seem fake and untrustworthy.
  • Personal information – as an attorney you likely want to represent your firm and convey your capabilities and credentials as a great lawyer. Personal info will make the wrong impression and may frame future communication with your clients as personal rather than professional.
  • Personal social media profiles – people you communicate with on your company email will expect a social button to link to a company asset. Adding personal social media profile links will be misleading and likely not contribute to your business goals. Also, don’t go overboard and add too many icons.
bad example for a lawyer email signature

Lawyer email signature BAD example – noisy and overloaded


Use official and conservative colors

Part of a firm? Use your law firm colors:

If you’re part of a law firm that has official colors as part of its branding, it would be easiest and most appropriate to use those colors in your signature. Take the signature below as an example. There you can see that Tim used the brand colors to distinguish the company name from his name and job title. He also used brand colors to make his details’ labels standout. 

You can also play around a bit with shades and hues and use bolding to give more presence to components you think are more important (like your name).

Self-employed? Use solid colors:

If you still don’t have polished branding, don’t sweat it, you can employ just a few rules of thumb to get a good looking attorney email signature that’s just as good as any branded one. 

  • Use solid colors like blue, black, and grey (they always look classy), use them and you can’t go wrong.
  • Use just 2 colors – this will keep your signature clean and easy on the eyes.


Use classic fonts

When talking about fonts you’ll hear a lot about serif and san-serif fonts. Serif fonts are those that have sharp edges on each letter (called “serifs”), like the font example below. san-serif fonts are simply letters without the pointy edges. 

Serif-Sans serif-Comparison

If talking about fonts makes you yawn, then your easy option is to go with serif because they tend to be conservative and clean. Many institutions prefer to use serif because it projects respect, tradition, and age.

But you can definitely find beautiful and classic san-serif fonts as well. They tend to be more modern and minimalistic than serif fonts but they can also be completely wack. I myself prefer the more modern san-serif and the Helvetica font specifically (feel free to steal it from me). 

To choose your font you can either visit a site that showcases the wide variety of font options out there or simply look up the options in your word or Google docs. To go deeper into this subject read our post about the best fonts for email signatures and why they work.


As a general rule, we advise that you use your company’s social media assets rather than your own to enrich your email signature. Your firm and brand likely incur more recognition and more trust, and they would likely have more of the information that your prospects are seeking. Unless you’re a well-known superstar rainmaker lawyer, and in that case, kudos!

You shouldn’t waste valuable footer block space (or people’s time) with irrelevant social media pages or otherwise relevant but dead and dysfunctional social media channels. 

Social media is a way to stay engaged with your audience, reinforce a positive brand image, and offer occasional business opportunities. This is not easy to do, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

In regards to social media icons in your email signature, we highly advise that you only use those that you have a good marketing model for and that you have the time and resources to sustain its activity. Adding poorly made and unkept social media assets can end up hurting you rather than helping.

Social media icons for lawyers to add to their signature:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google maps
  • Yelp

To learn by example check-out some law firms that are getting social media rights

  • Superlawyers.com
  • Bestlawyers.com
  • Justia.com

If you’re listed on these sites, adding their icon to your signature could add to your credibility, and these site platforms could act as a fast track for acquiring your services (our Wisestamp email signature builder allows you to add custom icons for these sites). 

There are, of course, more ways to promote your law firm online, and you should probably have a web presence everywhere you can afford to.


Create your signature in minutes using Wisestamp email signature generator

OK, you got this far. By now you know what goes into a great lawyer signature, and you can put your newly acquired knowledge to work. 

All you need to do now is take a few minutes to go through the motions of creating your brand new email signature using our easy and straight forward email signature builder.

You put in the details and we’ll make it beautiful and inject it directly into your email message box with just 1-click. So, what are you waiting for?

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