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Feature upgrade
21 February 2024 |

Connector management enhancements

We're excited to announce the introduction of dedicated Management pages for each connector, all conveniently accessible from the Connectors page. This upgrade offers consolidated management with new options, providing you with an enhanced and streamlined connector management experience.

New feature
16 January 2024 |

Multiple domain support with Google

We are excited to announce the release of Multiple Domain support with Google. This new feature enables you to select and integrate domains, similar to the existing functionality with Outlook.

Feature upgrade
07 January 2024

Newly refreshed Signature Editor

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to our Signature Editor. This release focuses on modernizing and enhancing the editor, amplifying the user experience with a host of new options.

These additions empower you to craft your signature with meticulous detail, catering to even the most demanding requirements. Dive into a more comprehensive design experience and make your signature truly yours.

03 January 2024

vcita and WiseStamp Announce Strategic Spin-Off

We are thrilled to share some exciting news – as part of a strategic change, as of Jan 1st, 2024, WiseStamp is becoming an independent company and will no longer be part of vcita.

24 December 2023

Multi-signature enhancement

We improved the multi-signature feature. Now, signatures for compose, reply and forward can be individually defined, so the signatures are automatically deployed.

17 December 2023

Signature design enhancements with style per field options

You can now design each data field in your signature with a different font, style, color and capitalization, allowing you to create more designs and endless combinations to style your signature.

10 December 2023

“Christmasize my signature” is now available

After last year's great success, we relaunched the Christmas icons option. This feature will be automatically disabled on January 2nd, 2024.

19 November 2023

Force HTML

We are pleased to release the new Force HTML feature. This feature converts any plain text email sent to the WiseStamp server to HTML format. This results in a perfect looking signature.

04 June 2023

Moved image URL to Images page

In WiseStamp Pro, we have moved the configuration of the URL link for the image to the Images tab.

Feature upgrade
29 May 2023

WiseStamp Chrome extension

The new WiseStamp Chrome extension is now live. It delivers a more efficient user experience, and enables us to address and rectify issues promptly. Visit the Chrome web store for more information.

14 May 2023

Social configuration page improvements

In WiseStamp for Teams, the configuration for the social information has been improved for usability and user experience. Field label have been simplified with improved clarity, Examples and tooltips have been added to enhance the user experience.

Experience updateFeature upgrade
10 May 2023

Social profiles tab

We are pleased to release the social profiles update in the email signature editor. This update brings several improvements to enhance user experience.

Experience updateFeature upgrade
18 April 2023

Images tab

We are pleased to release the new Images tab. This addition is specifically crafted to enhance user experience.

Experience update
23 March 2023

Signature editor layout

We are pleased to announce the new editor layout that is designed to make your work simpler. Switching signatures and taking actions are now directly accessible from the top bar, and the signature preview was moved to the bottom of the page.

Experience updateFeature upgrade
20 March 2023

Convenient access to billing history

With this latest update, all accounts on WiseStamp One can now access their billing history directly from the product window, eliminating the need for support or customer service assistance.

Experience updateFeature upgrade
06 March 2023

Enhanced employee activation settings

Administrators can now customize the automatic actions triggered when an employee becomes active. Administrators can choose to inject employee signatures and automatically send out personalized invitations, as soon as employees become active.

15 February 2023

Employee synchronization enhancements

This feature provides enhanced control over the synchronization of employee information from the directory with WiseStamp. Users can select specific fields to import, such as department, title or phone number, in one click.

Feature upgrade
12 January 2023

Multiple signature design

We are pleased to announce the new multi-signature design feature. It allows the administrator to create a set of signature designs. This provides employees the ability to choose a different signature design for every message they send.

New releasePerformance
09 December 2022

Brand awareness & analytics

We are pleased to release the new Analytics feature. It allows administrators to monitor their brand’s reach. This feature measures the number of times employees sent out emails with their signature, excluding anything considered spam or emails sent to no recipients.

New releasePerformance
17 November 2022


We are pleased to announce the new Campaigns feature. It allows administrators to launch banner campaigns from their employee signatures. This feature includes campaign creation tools, campaign scheduling, and campaign use based on employee groups.

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