How Corcoran uses WiseStamp to

ensure brand consistency

The Corcoran challenge

Presenting a unified brand with 3000 agents

Although Corcoran is a major luxury real estate brand in the US, up until a few years ago they didn’t have a consistent branding policy across all of their email interactions.

Back then, each agent had the freedom to design their own email signature, which resulted in a wide range of different styles and formats. With more than 3,000 agents across vast markets, Corcoran had to consolidate their branding in order to build stronger relationships with clients.

The WiseStamp solution

Placing the logo front and center

With WiseStamp in place, Corcoran’s agents are now presenting the company logo next to their image in every email signature, so that every client recognizes the company alongside the agent.

This helped create a strong sense of ‘team spirit’ within the organization, fostering unity and pride among the agents and encouraging them to identify with Corcoran and to promote their individual achievements as part of a bigger global brand.

This internal effect makes WiseStamp a valuable tool for Corcoran’s company culture.

“Just having the footprint of our logo and branding be consistent across all those thousands of emails going out every day was really valuable for us in having the company be recognized alongside the agent.”

Simple implementation & onboarding

Implementing WiseStamp for Teams was a straightforward process for Corcoran, owing to its single sign-on feature and seamless Google integration, which meant all of Corcoran’s agents’ basic info was ready for use in a matter of minutes.

In addition, training new agents and staff on using the platform is effortless, which really helps in driving up WiseStamp adoption rates across the company.

Seamless Scalability

Since implementing WiseStamp, Corcoran Global Living grew rapidly, adding more and more agents across the US. By providing a central platform for managing and distributing the company’s email signatures, WiseStamp for Teams helped Corcoran seamlessly scale from 300 to 3000 agents while maintaining a consistent brand image across all email interactions.

Rebranding in one week

A couple of years ago, Corcoran Global Living was acquired and partnered with a new brand, which meant all-new branding for them. With the help of WiseStamp’s dedicated success team, in a matter of one week, they were able to go from design to a new signature template, which was then immediately distributed to all of their agents.

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