How Slantis manages email signatures in a smart and efficient way

The Slantis challenge

Uncomplicating email signature management

Slantis is a tech-savvy company, operating in an environment of advanced software solutions that enable architecture and construction firms to manage enormous, complex engineering projects in the most automated and efficient manner possible.

But funny enough, when they were handling their employees’ email signatures, up until recently Slantis didn’t have a centralized, automated solution. This means that every email signature had to be uploaded manually, and Slantis’ marketing manager had to make sure that each employee followed the step-by-step process properly.

This turned out to be especially complicated during holidays or special events when they wanted to add a banner or make a change in the signature design.

The WiseStamp solution

User-friendly email signature manager

After trying a few different email signature management solutions, Slantis selected WiseStamp for Teams which fitted the 3 main requirements they were looking for: user-friendliness, strong customer support, and a design-oriented approach.

WiseStamp for Teams helped Slantis manage their employees’ email signatures in the same advanced and efficient way they manage major architectural projects. With a unified dashboard, a fast and organized onboarding process, and smart campaign management, now their email signature brand presence is on par with their business ambitions.

A carefully-designed email signature

As a team of architects, Slantis is certainly a design-oriented company. This means everything that Slantis publishes has to be carefully curated to match its strict brand guidelines.

For Slantis, presenting a clean, professional, and sophisticated image to their clients and partners across all email communications is a serious matter of brand positioning.

In WiseStamp’s comprehensive design features, the Slantis team found a design-focused email signature solution that is worthy of their brand image.

slantis case studies

Brand new marketing channel

Through WiseStamp, Slantis discovered a new marketing channel they weren’t aware of before.

The possibility to launch campaigns, track their progress, and drive user engagement by promoting podcasts and content via email signatures was a revelation.

Since Slantis has different teams that come in contact with different client segments, the ability to create separate email signatures and campaigns for each team also proved an exciting marketing feature.

wisestamp time saving email signature solutions

The time factor

When it comes to the bottom line, WiseStamp for Teams has saved a tremendous amount of time for Slantis’ IT and Marketing departments.

By quickly setting up and deploying email signatures from one centralized dashboard, and allowing for quick signature updates in response to rapid changes, it virtually eliminates the need for IT support and minimizes the time needed for employee signature management.

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